Tuesday, January 20, 2009

uh... hmmm....

Ok. I'm really not good at this bloging thing. I had my suspicions before I even started, but now they are officially confirmed. I have been busy since I last posted. I graduated, got a job (not in the field I graduated from), got a girlfriend, got bills, and I still need to figure out how to paint better. According to internet questionaires I'm under a lot of stress, I'm depressed, I'm anorexic (?), and I have an I.Q. on par with Albert Einstein. I'm sure some parts are true to a certain extent, but come on, anorexic?

Anyway. I submitted some work to the Spectrum anual competition. I doubt I willl get in though. My printer craped out on me and won't print full page images on nice paper without faulting. I had some copies made, but they turned out sub-par. I still tried though, so I'm a winner in someones book, right? Reguardless, here is the image I sent in. I tried to paint it entirely in acrylics, but the background clouds were atrocious so I had to repint that. I then touched up the reast of the image with oils. I miss that medium. Now if I could only find a GOOD way of painting acrylics on top of the oils, I would be very pleased... until I messed something up.

On a personal note. I will try to post more often for the sake of doing something productive outside the realm of my inner self.

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Dusty said...

Pete, you are too hard on yourself. This painting is great, and this is totally the direction to keep going. This painting is a bullseye on the path of finding your middle ground between rough and rendered. There is a ton of great energy in a lot of your brush work while holding all of its definition when one steps back or glances, and there is just enough detail so that the viewer is able to dwell on a few areas when they do look closer.

Good work Pete, don't give up yet, do the work that you enjoy, and that makes you excited, and it will show in your work and get others excited.