Thursday, January 29, 2009


Since I took an Acrylic painting class I have been neglecting oils, so I figured I would do some location painting to get the kinks out. I ended up getting to the location about 40 minutes before I had to go to work, and I decided to just make a sketch. As I was painting this I figured I could just go back tomorrow. With that in mind, I figured I might as well put up the embarrasement of today (I even got a compliment from an old guy).

This is obviously on location, in the 50 degree shade with no jacket, on a sidewalk, at noon, in 30 minutes, on an 8x10 cheap canvas board.

On a different but similar note (?), I ran out of liquin and tried Galkyd. This stuff is like liquid awesome, provided awesome is the consistency of honey, dries in hours, allows you paint on while tacky, and dries to a semi-gloss. This and Titanium white Alkyd let the painting dry to the touch in about three hours. Nice.

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